Thursday, August 28, 2014

N bed, time to sleep...another workday tomorrow. 

A two-hour nap I struggled to awake from this afternoon, then ran out the door, jumped into my car and took off.....picked peaches and tomatoes at the orchard/farm one road over, nestled in between rolling vineyards and wine tasting rooms. Tonight a good throw-together meal of Italian sausage, lonely veggies from the frig, tomatoes in various stages of abuse, followed by a small (for a Texan) piece of cold watermelon and a chunk...or two...of Vitamin Dk (dark choco). Dishes washed, teeth brushed, yoni cleansed, some pages of a novel read and a finale of many gulps of just-melted ice and water. Then I toss myself down on top of the covers, and I find that the world is delicious. I am happy..??? In between dodging flaming arrows, insecurities from people's behaviours, intermittent loneliness, poverty, and world news, I find happiness inside my little 450 square foot box with one door and a tin roof....(where I recently also killed three black widow spiders). 

The 80-foot Western red cedar drops sticky, crackling seed pods all over my patio that I sweep twice a day. The view of the hills is stunning on one side. The front door is about to become torquoise.... 

Yes, this is my little plastered hacienda, surrounded by weathered gray fencing and a beat up gate that opens by pulling a short leather string with a red heart tied to the end. The story of my life.

Good night my loves.